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Forged Steel A105N 3/4” 150LB RF Flange Globe Valve

  • Nominal Diameter:3/4”
  • Bore: Full Bore
  • Nominal Pressure:150LB
  • Material: A105N
  • Operation: Handwheel
  • Design Standard: API602/API 623
  • Test/Inspection: API598
  • End Connection: RF Flange
  • Flange standard: ASME/ANSI B16.5
  • Top Flange: ISO5210 /ISO5211

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Product Description:

Forged Steel Globe Valve Overview

Globe valve, also known as cut-off valve, belongs to the mandatory sealing valve, so when the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the valve flap, in order to force the sealing surface does not leak. When the medium enters the valve from below the valve flap, the resistance to be overcome by the operating force is the friction of the valve stem and packing and the thrust generated by the pressure of the medium, the force to close the valve is greater than the force to open the valve, so the diameter of the valve stem should be large, or else the stem will occur the top of the bending of the valve stem failure. According to the connection method is divided into three kinds: flange connection, silk buckle connection, welding connection. From the emergence of self-sealing valves, globe valves, the medium flow direction is changed from the valve flap above into the valve cavity, then under the action of medium pressure, the force to close the valve is small, while the force to open the valve is large, and the diameter of the valve stem can be reduced accordingly. At the same time, under the action of the medium, this form of valve is also more tight. China’s valve “three to” had stipulated that the flow direction of the globe valve, always use the top-down. Shut-off valve open, the opening height of the valve flap, for the nominal diameter of 25% ~ 30%. Flow has reached its maximum, that the valve has reached the full open position. So the full open position of the globe valve, should be determined by the valve’s stroke.

Main Features of Globe Valve

  • The structure of globe valve is simpler than gate valve, and it is more convenient to manufacture and maintain.
  • The sealing surface is not easy to wear and abrasion, good sealing, opening and closing of the valve flap and the valve body sealing surface of the valve body without relative sliding, so the wear and abrasion are not serious, good sealing performance, long service life.
  • When opening and closing, the flap stroke is small, so the height of the globe valve is smaller than the gate valve, but the length of the structure is longer than the gate valve.
  • Opening and closing torque, opening and closing more laborious, opening and closing time is longer.
  • Fluid resistance, because the valve body media channel is more zigzag, fluid resistance, power consumption.
  • Media flow direction nominal pressure PN ≤ 16MPa, generally used downstream, the media from the valve under the direction of upward flow; nominal pressure PN ≥ 20MPa, generally used countercurrent, the media from the valve on the direction of downstream flow. To increase the sealing energy. When used, the cut-off valve medium can only flow in one direction, can not change the flow direction.
  • Full open valve flap is often subject to erosion.

Usage in Forged Steel Globe Valve

Suitable for flammable and explosive, permeable and radioactive media, as well as industrial pipelines with strict requirements for sealing.

Applications of Globe Valve

Globe valves are used in chemical industry, petrochemical, petroleum, paper making, mining, electric power, liquefied gas, food, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, municipal, mechanical equipment supporting, electronic industry, urban construction and other fields.

Globe Valve Manufacture Can Provide Flange Type Globe Valve

  • Better shut off as compared to gate valve;
  • Good for frequent operation as no fear of wear of seat and disk;
  • Easy to repair, as seat and disk can be accessed from the valve top;
  • Fast operation compares to gate valve due to shorter stroke length;
  • Usually operated by an automatic actuator;

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