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Cast Steel WCB 3” 150LB RF Flange Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Insulated Plug Valve

  • Nominal Diameter:3”
  • Bore: Full Bore
  • Nominal Pressure:150LB
  • Material: WCB
  • Operation: Lever
  • Design Standard: API599/API6D
  • Test/Inspection: API598
  • End Connection: Flange
  • Flange standard: ASME/ANSI B16.5
  • Top Flange: ISO5210 /ISO5211

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Product Description:

Highlights of Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Insulated Plug Valve

  • Material: Constructed with cast steel (WCB), providing strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Size and Pressure Rating: 3-inch diameter with a pressure rating of 150 pounds (150LB), suitable for specific fluid flow and pressure conditions.
  • Flange Connection: Equipped with Raised Face (RF) flange connection for easy installation and maintenance in pipeline systems.
  • Sleeve Type Soft Sealing: Features a soft-sealing sleeve design, enhancing reliability by reducing the risk of leakage.
  • Insulation Design: Designed for insulation, particularly beneficial in applications where temperature control is crucial to prevent heat loss.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various industrial applications, including chemical processing, oil and gas, and manufacturing, due to its design and material selection.

The sleeve-type soft sealing and insulated design of this valve make it suitable for various industrial environments with strict requirements for sealing performance and insulation protection. Before selecting and installing the valve, it is advisable to thoroughly understand the specific engineering requirements and fluid characteristics to ensure the valve meets the specific needs of the application.

What is Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Insulated Plug Valve?

A Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Insulated Plug Valve is a specialized valve with a soft sealing sleeve designed for enhanced insulation purposes. The valve features a rotating plug within its body, and the soft sleeve, often made of materials like rubber, provides an effective seal. This design is particularly useful in applications where insulation is a priority, offering reliable fluid control and tight shut-off capabilities.

TIANYU——Plug Valve Manufacturer: Working principle

The Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Insulated Plug Valve operates by utilizing a rotating plug within the valve body, coupled with a soft sealing sleeve for enhanced insulation. When the valve is open, the plug aligns with the channel, allowing fluid flow. To close, the plug is rotated, compressing the soft sleeve for a secure seal, providing effective insulation. This design is ideal for applications requiring both fluid control and thermal insulation.

Applications of Plug Valve

  1. Chemical Industry: Suitable for fluid control in the chemical industry, especially in handling corrosive chemicals or high-temperature and high-pressure fluids. The insulated design makes it more applicable for substances that have special insulation requirements.
  2. Oil and Gas Industry: In oil and gas exploration, extraction, and transportation processes, this valve can be used to control the flow of oil and gas fluids. The soft sealing and insulated design provide enhanced sealing performance and insulation protection.
  3. HVAC Systems: Used for fluid control in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, especially in environments requiring insulation protection. The insulation design helps prevent the temperature of the fluid from adversely affecting the surrounding environment.
  4. Food and Pharmaceutical Industries: With stainless steel construction and a soft sealing design, it is suitable for industries with high hygiene standards, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. The insulation feature helps prevent adverse effects on products due to temperature changes.
  5. Water Treatment: In the water treatment industry, this valve can be used to handle various types of fluids and provide reliable service in environments requiring insulation protection.
  6. Industrial Heating Systems: Used to control fluids in industrial heating systems, ensuring efficient system operation. The insulation design helps maintain temperature stability.

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