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Cast Steel WCB 10” 1500LB Butt Weld Pressure Seal Gate Valve With bypass and Gear Box

  • Nominal Diameter:10”
  • Bore: Full Bore
  • Nominal Pressure:1500LB
  • Material: WCB
  • Operation: Gear Box
  • Design Standard: API600/API602/API6D
  • Test/Inspection: API598
  • End Connection: Butt Weld
  • Butt Weld standard: ASME B16.25
  • Top Flange: ISO5210 /ISO5211

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Product Description:

Our pressure seal gate valves are recommended for several applications in the power industry, in particular in feed water lines, steam lines, and in services which involve high temperatures media.

Descriptions of Pressure Seal Gate Valves

  • A range of compact pressure seal gate valves designed according to ASME B16.34.
  • All range is offered in four standard cast materials: WCB (generally used on feed water lines), WC6 and WC9 (both used on steam lines), C12A (proposed for high temp. applications).
  • End to end dimensions as per ASME B16.10 short pattern.
  • Available in wedge gate and parallel slide configurations.
  • Seats are welded in.
  • Position indicator is offered as standard.
  • Stellite® gr. 6 overlay on seat and wedge or disc; Stellite® gr. 21 overlay on backseat.
  • Pressure seal gasket has trapezoidal shape for a low load on bolting, and is supplied in graphite with integral stainless steel anti-extrusion protection.
  • Standard ISO top mounting for easy assembly of any type of actuator or bevel gear.
  • Available options: wedge vent hole or overpressure pipe, by-pass, limit switch in open or closed position.
  • Valves are offered as standard with manual operators (Hand wheel or bevel gear depending on size). Actuated options such as electric, pneumatic or hydraulic are available.

Application of Cast Steel Butt Weld Pressure Seal Gate Valve

1. High-Pressure Fluid Control: This type of valve is typically designed for high-pressure environments where reliable fluid control is necessary. Its butt-welded design makes it suitable for both high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.

2. Bypass Design: The valve is equipped with a bypass design, adding flexibility when fluid needs to bypass the main valve. The bypass function allows users to maintain fluid flow during maintenance, inspections, or troubleshooting.

3. Chemical Industry: In the chemical industry, reliable fluid control is essential to ensure the proper functioning of systems. The use of this valve in chemical processes can encompass the control of chemicals, solvents, and other fluids.

4. Power Industry: High-pressure pressure-sealed gate valves are commonly employed in water circulation systems within power plants to control fluid flow. The bypass feature is crucial for routine maintenance and system debugging.

5. Oil and Gas Industry: Due to its adaptability to high-pressure conditions, this valve may be utilized in fluid control for the extraction, transportation, and processing of oil and natural gas.

6. Industrial Manufacturing: In certain manufacturing environments dealing with high-pressure fluids, such as metal processing or heavy industries, this valve may be employed for fluid control.

Pressure Seal Gate Valve Specifications from Pressure Seal Gate Valve Manufacturer

Valve Size 2″~24″

Pressure Class



WCB, WC6, WC9, WCC, CF8, CF3, CF3M, CF8M, 4A, 5A

Design and Manufacturing Standards

API 600, API 6D

Face to Face Standards

ASME B16.10

Flange Dimension Standards

ASME B 16.5, ASME B16.47

Pressure Test Standards

API 598, API 6D

Fire Safety Test Standards


Quality/Product Certifications

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001

Fugitive Emissions

ISO 15848-1, API 622


NACE MR 0175

Valve operator options

Handwhel, Worm Gear, Electric actuator, Pneumatic actuator, Hydraulic Actuator.

Shutoff Class

API 598 (Zero Leakage), API 6D




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