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Cast Steel CF8 2” 150LB RF Flange Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve

  • Nominal Diameter:2”
  • Bore: Full Bore
  • Nominal Pressure:150LB
  • Material: WCB
  • Operation: Lever
  • Design Standard: API599/API6D
  • Test/Inspection: API598
  • End Connection: Flange
  • Flange standard: ASME/ANSI B16.5
  • Top Flange: ISO5210 /ISO5211

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Product Description:

Highlights of Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve

  • Material: Constructed with cast steel (CF8), corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Size and Pressure Rating: 2-inch diameter with a pressure rating of 150 pounds (150LB), suitable for specific fluid flow and pressure conditions.
  • Flange Connection: Equipped with Raised Face (RF) flange connection for convenient installation and maintenance in pipeline systems.
  • Sleeve Type Soft Sealing: Features a soft-sealing sleeve design with soft material, ensuring reliable sealing and minimizing the risk of leakage.

What is Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve?

A Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve is a specialized plug valve equipped with a soft material sleeve or lining for sealing. It has a cylindrical or tapered plug that rotates within the valve body to control fluid flow, commonly used for on/off and throttling. What sets it apart is the inner sleeve, typically crafted from soft materials like rubber, creating a secure seal when the plug is turned to the closed position. The term “soft sealing” signifies the use of flexible materials, preventing leaks and ensuring a tight shut-off when the valve is closed.

TIANYU——Plug Valve Manufacturer: Working principle

The Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve operates by utilizing a rotating plug or core within the valve body, accompanied by a soft sleeve or lining typically made of materials like rubber or elastomers. When the valve is open, the plug aligns with the channel in the valve body, allowing fluid to flow. To close the valve, the plug is rotated to misalign with the channel, compressing the soft sleeve around it to form a tight seal and effectively halt fluid flow. The soft sleeve’s flexibility ensures a robust seal by adapting to any irregularities between the plug and the valve body. This design is commonly employed in applications where a high level of sealing is required, such as in chemical processing, water treatment, and various fluid control systems.

Applications of Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve

The Sleeve Type Soft Sealing Plug Valve is widely used across industries, including water treatment, chemicals, oil and gas, food, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and general industrial applications. Its soft-sealing design ensures reliable fluid control and precise shut-off in diverse processes.

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