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Aluminum Bronze 2” 150LB Lug End Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

  • Nominal Diameter:2”
  • Bore: Full Bore
  • Nominal Pressure:150LB
  • Material: Aluminum Bronze
  • Operation: Lever
  • Design Standard: API609
  • Test/Inspection: API598
  • End Connection: Lug
  • Lug standard: ASME/ANSI B16.5
  • Top Flange: ISO5211

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Product Description:

What is lug Triple Offset butterfly valve

The lug triple eccentric butterfly valve is a specially designed butterfly valve that combines a lug connection and a triple eccentric design. Lugs usually refer to structures that have raised parts on the flange connection to help improve the stability and tightness of the connection. The three-eccentric design includes eccentricity in three directions of axis, radius and Angle to reduce operating torque, improve sealing performance and extend valve life.

Lug Triple Offset butterfly valve how to work

The working principle of the lug triple eccentric butterfly valve is based on its unique design. In the closed state, the lug flange ensures that the valve is securely attached to the pipe, creating an effective seal. When the valve needs to be activated, the disc begins to rotate, and the three-eccentric design includes eccentricity in three directions: axial, radius and Angle. This design reduces operating torque and makes opening and closing easier.
As the disc rotates, the valve gradually opens to allow fluid to pass through. In the fully open state, the plate is parallel to the direction of fluid flow, minimizing fluid resistance. When closed, the plate rotates again into place, and the lug flange ensures a reliable seal that prevents fluid leakage.

Lug Triple Offset butterfly valve product overview

1. Lug connection
The valve is connected with lug flanges to ensure a solid pipe connection and improve the stability and reliability of the system.

2. Three-eccentric design
The three-eccentric design includes eccentricity in the three directions of axis, radius and Angle, which reduces the operating torque, improves the efficiency of opening and closing, and extends the valve life.

3. Excellent sealing performance
In the closed state, the lug flange guarantees an effective seal, prevents fluid leakage and meets the strict requirements for zero leakage.

4. Low operating torque
Through the three-eccentric design, the valve opening and closing operation becomes easier, reducing the operating torque and improving the operating efficiency.

5. High temperature and high pressure
The valve material and design make it suitable for high temperature and high pressure environments, ensuring stability in extreme conditions.

6. Widely used
It is widely used in fluid control systems in petrochemical, natural gas, electric power and other industries, especially for occasions with high requirements for fluid control performance and system stability.

7. Long life design
The use of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the long-term stable operation of the valve.

Application of Lug Triple Offset butterfly valve

1. Petrochemical industry: Used to control the flow of various chemical media in refineries, chemical plants and petrochemical processes, especially in systems requiring strict control under high temperature and high-pressure conditions.

2. Natural gas transmission system: Used in the natural gas pipeline system to ensure the safe and efficient transmission of natural gas, and have high requirements for the sealing performance and pressure resistance of the valve.

3. Power industry: In thermal power stations, nuclear power plants and other power facilities, used to control the flow of water, steam and other media to ensure the stable operation of the power system.

4. Water treatment and sewage treatment: in the fields of tap water treatment and wastewater treatment, it is used to accurately control the flow of water and maintain the efficient operation of the treatment system.

5. Chemical industry: Used to control the flow of liquids and gases in chemical production, suitable for environments where corrosive media are required.

6. Food and beverage production: Food and beverage production, it is used for the precise control of liquids and gases to ensure the hygiene and quality of the production process.

7. Offshore engineering: in the field of offshore oil platforms and offshore engineering, it is used to control the flow of seawater, oil and gas and other media.

8. High temperature and high-pressure process: In processes that need to withstand high temperature and high pressure, such as high-temperature heat exchange and other fields.

Standards for triple offset butterfly valves

Valve Size DN50-1600, NPS 2-60
Pressure Rating N1-100, 150LB-600LB
Materials WCB, LCB, LC1, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, 4A, 5A, WC6, WC9, C95800
Design and Manufacturing Standards API 609, EN 593
Face to Face Standards API 609, EN 558, ISO 5752
Flange Size Standards ASME B 16.5, ASME B16.47, EN 1092-1, GOST 54432, JIS 2220
Stress Test Standards API 598, EN 12266-1
Fire Safety Test Standard API 607
Quality/Product Certifications ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001
Unorganized Emissions ISO 15848-1, API 622
National ACE NACE MR0175, NACE MR0103
Valve Operator Options hand wheel, worm wheel, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, hydraulic actuator.
Shutdown Level API 598 (Zero leakage)
Aperture full aperture
Process Connection Types sandwich, flange, lug, welding


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