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Mogas Industries acquires Watson Valve assets

Valves are arguably the workhorse of piping systems. There are many different types of industrial valves that perform countless jobs from isolating to regulating flow in a variety of different industries, from ball and globe valves used in the power industry to butterfly valves in pharmaceutical processing to gate valves in oil and gas production. While valves all play similar roles, it’s in their differences that they shine – ball valves help regulate flow, check valves prevent backflow, and gate valves are ideal for high temperatures and pressures. Today we’ll take a closer look at a few of the most common types of valves: ball, butterfly, check, gate, and globe valves.

What are Ball Valves?

Ball valves are a compact, cost-efficient, and low maintenance quarter-turn valve. Inside the valve is a ball with a hole in it. When this valve is open, the hole in the ball allows media to pass through. To open and close the valve all it takes is a quick 90-degree turn of the handle on top. This effortless turn makes ball valves one of the simplest valves to operate.

Ball valves are typically used for flow and pressure control. By providing a leak-proof service, and being quick to operate, ball valves are a popular choice in the oil and natural gas industries; though, they can also be found in the manufacturing and chemical storage sectors, and even for residential use.

Butterfly valves, like ball valves, are a member of the quarter-turn valve family. With butterfly valves, the handle is attached to a stem, which is attached to a disc that sits inside the valve. When the handle is turned, the disc inside rotates to open and close. Since the disc sits inside the valve, butterfly valves can also be used for throttling.

The downside to having the disc sit inside the valve is that the disc is always inside the valve, which could cause you to experience a pressure drop. Butterfly valves can be used in a broad range of applications and are commonly utilized in water supply and wastewater treatment. Butterfly valves are also a popular choice for pipes with large diameters.


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