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Key Components in the Industrial Sector – The Past and Present of Valves

Origins Of Valves:

  • The origin of valves can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where people used simple gates (similar to valves) to control water flow,
  • In the Middle Ages, in order to achieve more advanced water and energy control, devices such as windmills and water turbines were used.
  • With the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the development of steam engines and other industrial machinery, the design of valves became more complex.
  • In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the introduction of automation technology made valve operation more precise and controllable.
  • In modern times, electronic technology has enabled valves to achieve high automation and remote control. Electric and hydraulic valve systems are widely used in various industrial and manufacturing processes, improving efficiency and safety. Nowadays, valve technology has further developed towards digitalization and intelligence, enabling real-time adjustment to meet complex industrial needs.

Forged Steel F316 2” 150LB RF FLANGE Gate Valve

Forged Steel F316 2” 150LB RF FLANGE Gate Valve

Note: All images above are sourced from TianYu

Technological Progress:

  • Materials and Coatings: Striving for excellence, high-performance materials and advanced coating technology ensure that valves can operate stably for a long time in harsh environments.
  • Fluid dynamics: By optimizing the valve body and flow channel design, minimizing resistance, improving fluid efficiency, and reducing energy consumption.
  • Automation control system: Introducing electric and hydraulic technologies to achieve remote automatic control, intelligent valves are monitored and adjusted in real-time through sensors.

Industrial Valves Company Introduction – Tianyu Valve

Tianyu Valve is committed to promoting the development of valve technology and has over 10 years of experience. We specialize in producing various types of valves, from ball valves to butterfly valves, to meet different industrial needs. The company prioritizes quality and provides customized fluid control solutions for customers.

  • Having over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, and check valves in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low-temperature steel, and other special steels.
  • The production scope also includes diaphragm valves, plug valves, forged steel valves, needle valves, customized valves, and other valves.
  • According to design standards, all valves can have flange end connections or threaded/socket welded/butt welded ends. They can all range in size from DN3 to DN1400 (1/8 “to 56”), withstand 2500 levels of pressure, and operate at temperatures ranging from -196 ℃ to 800 ℃

Since its establishment in 2009, Tianyu has been committed to providing high-quality industrial valves according to customer requirements.

Chemical Processing

Note: All images above are sourced from TianYu

Industry Overview:

In a wide range of industrial fields such as manufacturing, energy, chemicals, electricity, oil, and natural gas, valves are considered an indispensable key component to ensure fluid flow. Valves play a crucial role in controlling liquids, gases, and other fluids. Let’s have a deeper understanding of how Tianyu Valve Company excels in serving customers and constantly innovating in this critical industry.

Contribution of Tianyu Valve Company:

  • Provide customized valve solutions to meet the needs of different manufacturing processes.
  • In the field of energy, it involves the transportation, control, and distribution of liquids and gases. Facilities such as oil and gas pipelines, power plants, and nuclear power plants all require reliable valve systems to ensure effective energy transmission and safe operation.
  • Provide valves with high pressure resistance and high temperature, suitable for various energy production environments.
  • Introduce intelligent valve technology to improve the operational efficiency of pipeline systems.
  • In the field of chemical engineering, it involves the production and treatment of a wide variety of chemicals. Valves in this industry not only need to resist the challenges of corrosion, high temperature, and high pressure, but also need to provide precise fluid control to ensure the safety and efficiency of chemical processes.
  • Innovative materials and coating technologies to provide corrosion-resistant valve solutions.
  • Provide high-precision fluid control valves to meet the refinement requirements of chemical processes.


Note: All images above are sourced from TianYu Valve Co., Ltd

Products and Services:

1. Diversified product portfolio:

Tianyu Valve Company is proud of its rich and diverse product portfolio. The products we provide are not just ordinary valves, but innovative representatives of industrial fluid control. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Globe valve
  • Control valve
  • Ball valves and butterfly valves
  • High temperature, high pressure valve/low temperature, low pressure valve

2. Professional application scenario adaptation:

Our product portfolio adapts to various application scenarios, from traditional manufacturing to high-tech fields, whether in energy, chemical, or other industrial fields, our valves can meet the fluid control needs of different scenarios.

valve manufacturer

Note: All images above are sourced from TianYu Valve Co.,Ltd

3. Professional service team:

Our team is composed of technical experts and engineers, always ready to provide professional support to customers. from

  • Product selection
  • Installation
  • After sales service

We are committed to ensuring that customers can fully utilize our products and achieve the best results in fluid control.

4. Customized solutions:

We understand that each customer’s needs are unique. Therefore, in addition to providing standard products, we also offer customized solutions. By working closely with our clients, we are able to provide the best solutions for their specific industrial fluid control challenges.

about img5

Note: All images above are sourced from TianYu Valve Co.,Ltd

5. Question-Solving:


Customer Challenge:

Our engineering team once faced a severe fluid control problem from a client. In the industrial processes of customers, complex fluid control and high precision requirements are involved. Traditional valves cannot meet their special needs, resulting in low production efficiency, energy waste, and system instability.

Our approach:

  • Customer demand research: Our team has a deep understanding of customer needs, including special requirements for fluid control accuracy, special conditions in industrial environments, and bottleneck issues in existing systems.
  • Customized solution design: Based on the special needs of customers, we have designed a set of customized fluid control solutions. This not only includes the manufacturing of valves made of special materials, but also involves the integration of advanced automation control systems.
  • Development of high-precision valves: In response to the high requirements of customers for fluid control accuracy, we have developed a brand new high-precision valve. By adopting advanced fluid dynamics and material technology, the valve is ensured to operate stably under various working conditions.

Technical Explanation:

In valve technology, flow coefficient and flow characteristics are the key to our success. The flow coefficient determines the fluid flow capacity of the valve, while the flow characteristics ensure that our valve can provide stable performance under various operating conditions.

1. Flow coefficient (Cv value):

Definition: The flow coefficient (Cv value) is a key parameter that measures the fluid flow capacity of a valve. It is the water flow rate allowed by the valve under specific operating conditions, measured through standardized testing methods. Usually, the higher the Cv value, the greater the fluid flow capacity of the valve.

Performance evaluation: Cv value is an important indicator for evaluating valve performance. Valves with high Cv values are usually more effective in controlling fluid flow, making them suitable for applications that require high flow rates.

Matching selection: In system design, understanding the Cv value of valves helps to select valves of appropriate size and performance, ensuring the stability and efficiency of system operation.

2. Flow characteristics:

Definition: The flow characteristic describes the relationship between the fluid flow rate of a valve at different opening angles and the valve opening angle. Different types of valves (linear, equal percentage, quick opening, etc.) have different flow characteristics.

Main types:

  • Linear flow characteristic: The opening of the valve is linearly related to the flow rate, that is, for every increase in the same percentage of opening, the flow rate also increases by the same percentage.
  • Equal percentage flow characteristic: The flow rate of a valve is proportional to the percentage of valve opening, and is usually used in applications that require precise flow control.
  • Quick opening/closing flow characteristics:In the early stage of opening or closing, the flow rate changes rapidly, but gradually slows down in the later stage.

Flow control accuracy: Different flow characteristics are suitable for different fluid control needs. Understanding the flow characteristics of valves helps ensure that the system can provide stable and accurate fluid flow under different operating conditions.

    Customer Witness:

    Dan, an engineer from an energy company, shared his experience: “TIANYU Valve Company’s products and services have played a crucial role in our projects. They not only provide high-quality valves, but also provide reliable guarantees for our system efficiency.”

    If you are interested in our products and services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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