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Fully Welded Ball Valves 
Manufacturer & Factory

TIANYU Is A Professional Valve Manufacturer

At TIANYU VALVE, Fully Welded Ball Valves can be customized to meet your required standards including American Standards, European Standards, German Standards, British Standards, Japanese Standards, International Standards, etc. Send us your detailed requirements right now! TIANYU VALVE, the professional Fully Welded Ball Valves Manufacturer & Factory, will provide you with products that meet your expectations in terms of quality and at affordable prices.


Why Choose TIANYU Valve

Having obtained multiple certifications, our valve products are trusted by global brands and have helped ensure smoother operations in numerous facilities.

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Advantages of Ball Valves


There is no need for a higher and powerful pump to move the fluid and gas. It also means the change of pressure from high to low is minimal, ensuring the smooth running of the pipe components.

No Stem

The valve does not include a stem part that pops up or down depending on the movement. Hence, no gas or liquid gets out of the pipe when the valve is shut off or turned on.

Easy To Operate

It only takes a 90°-turn for the valve to shut down or turn on.


This type of valve does not cost much yet lasts for a long time. There are more choices because of varied designs.


This valve supports high pressures and temperatures. It can withstand up to 700 bars and 200°C.

Easy To Fix

Because of its simple design, especially the top entry, fixing and assembling them is easier compared to other valve types.

Lowest-Cost Strategy

TIANYU Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.

Industries We Serve

Refining & Petrochemical


Valve solutions are made precisely to withstand tough conditions and prevent corrosion found in petrochemical facilities and refineries.
Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

TIANYU meets European TALuft, ISO15848, SHELL 77/312 standards through their low-leakage design that helps valves serve longer.
Coal Chemical

Coal Chemical

Helpful for coal liquefaction and other processes, our valves come with wear-and-tear, temperature & ethylene cracking resistance.
Power Generation

Power Generation

Helpful for renewable energy projects, TIANYU Valve solutions offer enhanced durability and constant functionality in harsh operating environments.


TIANYU Valve designs ultra-low temperature valves that come with special valve seats to ensure better sealing performance.
Pipeline Transport

Pipeline Transport

To minimize pipeline pressure loss, we design valves with different isolation characteristics, scratch resistance and higher elasticity.

Production Process

Rough Machining
Rough Machining

With a 2500mm large vertical lathe and other heavyhorizontal lathes , we shape the material into therequired workpiece for our industrial valves.

Heat Treating
CNC Machining

Metal materials are processed in our heat treatment furnace to improve their microstructure, ensuring the performance of our pump valves can meet our standard requirements.

Surface Finishing
Body Machining

The surface roughness of our industrial parts is controlled by our advanced sandblasting technology, ensuring the roughness value of the surface is within the required range.

Fine Machining

The finishing process of TIANYU Valve involves the use of CNC machining precision equipment to guarantee all of our industrial valves have the expected quality and stable performance.

Boring Process

Experienced staff utilizes a large-scale CNC horizontal machining center to ensure all workpieces’ dimensions and shapes are accurate to the expected design range.


The dimensions, design concept, and shape of our industrial valve workpieces are finely tuned with our large-scale CNC gantry pentahedron machining center.

Customer Cases

TIANYU manufacturing plant works round the clock to provide its customers forged and cast steel valves which can be customized to the preferences of the clients. We take pride in being able to meet production deadlines and provide our clients with what they need through the efficient production chain.

Ensure Safety

Our products and services comply with international standards and specifications to make sure that we only produce the best and highest quality products and services to our clients.

Customization Service

We offer tailor-made industrial valves to ensure that our product fits your application standards and demand. TIANYU is ISO, API, MSS, and ASME compliant to guarantee you the highest product quality.

Fast Shipping

As a business partner, TIANYU makes sure that we commit to our clients’ requested deadline because we very much understand the importance of adhering to the timeline required.

After-Sales Service

TIANYU’s service does not end once our industrial ball valves are being delivered. Also, we offer warranties and provide customer service to our clients as part of our quality service.

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You can contact us for any information related to our valves and company. We recommend that you provide us with as much detail as possible about your requirements, so we can serve you faster and better.